Saturday, 27 September 2014

CCA in school

Hi guys so today I will be writing about CCA in  school . Now if you don't know what is a CCA is actually a short form for Co-Curricular Activities .

            There are tons of CCA to choose from . From sports group to uniform group to arts and craft , but just some people did not have an CCA to go to . Talking about that group of someone , I am in the group . Imagine if you are in primary school for 5 years and you do not have an CCA ...... that's what I have for almost 5 years now . Everyone would stay back in school for their CCA but my life way like going to school than home .

                     Luckily , I have recently joined a CCA called 'Art Club' .  I have gone for one of the session in term 4 and will be joining . I was wanting to join a CCA after I saw everyone including the nerd in class have a CCA , so i decided to join art club .

                   My first impression when i got there ......."everyone was so friendly "I thought to my self
I really clicked very well with friends there . Some of my friends were there and I really learnt a lot at there .

                               So we have come to the end of the blog now bye !

                                  Damian Zee ~The one that ends your boring day~

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