Sunday, 5 October 2014

Rainbow Loom !

Hi guy so today lets talk fancy about Rainbow loom . I am recently playing with rainbow loom . Lots of people on YouTube shows rainbow loom tutorials . One of the very famous YouTuberer thats shows tutorials are tutorialsbya and craft life .

                 News shows that rainbow loom is the toy of the year for this year (TOTY) . People made dresses or suite out of it .

      There are tons of rainbow loom out there . Let me list out some of it !
            Rainbow Loom / DIY Loom bands / Sunshine loom / Fun loom (As seen on tv) / Banda Loom (As seen on tv ) / Wonder Loom / Cra-Z-y Loom / Twist-and-loop
           (I will link a review down for every loom I list)

                       The best loom of all I recommend is the original Rainbow Loom .
                   The cheapest loom of all will be the Twist-and-loom if you are only getting for fun this will be your pick .

                                                Thanks for reading !

                   Damian Zee~The one that ends your boring day !


     Rainbow loom -

       DIY Loom bands -

      Sunshine Loom -

      Fun Loom -

    Banda Loom -

   Wonder Loom -

  Cra-Z-Y Loom -

  Twist-and-Loop -

           *All link are credit to Epic Review Guys on YouTube / This is not a Paid-blog*

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